We are an authorized dealer and distributor of an unmatched quality Connectors and Micro Switches, which are procured from ESSEN, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Transitions Connectors, DIP Connectors and PC Board Connectors. Our company also deals and distributes an extensive range of Industrial Micro Switches, Electrical Micro Switches and Micro Control Switches. These PC board Connectors and Switches are highly reliable, durable and available at customized prices.

  • Transitions Connectors 883- Series
  • DIP Connectors 883- Series
  • PC Board Connectors 853- Series
  • D- Subminiature Connectors M- Series
  • EURO Connectors DIN 41612 (854- Series)
  • HE-11 Connectors DIN 41612 (857- Series)
  • 4 Row, High Density Connectors 856- Series
  • Back Panel Connectors E2X- Series
  • Micro Switches S Series
  • Micro Control Switches MK3- Series
  • Miniature Micro Switches MV25- Series