Our company is the highly established dealer and distributor of exceptional quality Switches and Power Rotary Switches, which are obtained from KAYCEE, a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Electrical Switches.These Power Rotary Switches, Electric Rotary Switches and Rotary Toggle Switches are made using the best raw materials, latest technology and modern machines to ensure quality of products. The KAYCEE has expertise in Electrical Switch manufacturing industry. We offer highly durable Toggle Switches and Power Toggle Switches to satisfy the customers all around India.

Rotary Switches:

We offer Hand Operated Rotary Switches, Power Rotary Switches and Electric Rotary Switches, which incorporates Rotary action, air break type wiping contacts, housed in an assembly of packets molded from anti-tracking thermosetting plastics. The stationary and moving contacts are operated by actuating mechanism to achieve desired Switching Circuit. Switch assembly is on packet principle giving choice of multi-position and multi-circuits, also makes complex switching combinations possible. Switches are designed for /on load/ Switching and present range covers standard Rotary Switches upto 600 Amps / 440V AC, DC or AC/DC switching. A wide range of optional accessories like different types of handles, indicating plates, center keylock & cubical door interlock are available. Switches are used for make-break and isolation of power circuits and witching of auxiliary circuits. Switches conform to defense & various relevant specifications.


Instrument Selector Switches, 4 Pos. STD Switches, 6 Pos. STD Switches, 8 Pos. STD Switches, Motor Control Switches, Spring Return Switches.

Cam Switches:

KAYCEE Cam Switches are hand operated assemble on packet principle giving choice of multi-position and multipole circuits. Each packet houses has two independent sets of double break type silver tipped but contacts, ensuring effective making & breaking.


STD Switches, Motor Control Switches, Instrument Selector Switches, etc

Breaker Control Switches:

Breaker Control Switch is designed on packet type construction. Each packet consists of two electrically independent double break contacts actuated by a cam. It is developed to cover the wide range of application such as control of Circuit Breaker, Small Motors and wherever severe frequent operations are required.


Stay Put Switch, Spring Return Switch, Stay Put and Spring Return, Spring Return and Lost Motion, Sequence.

Toggle Switches:

Toggle Switches type KT employ rocker-type contact mechanism, housed in an anti-tracking molded case for dust free performance. They are available with single and double pole – two or three positions, having Stay Put and momentary contacts.


Toggle Switch is available with screw Terminals (BY), Solder Terminals (AY) and Push-on Terminals (CY).

Limit Switches:

KAYCEE Limit Switches type / KLS/ have been specially designed to convert a mechanical motion into an electrical control signal. The mechanical motion is usually in the form of a cam, a machine component or an object moving towards a predetermined position to make or break an electrical contact inside the switch. These Limit Switches are available having INO and INC contact.

Rotary Toggle Switches (Weather Tight) – RT:

We deal and distribute KAYCEE Rotary Toggle Switches, which incorporates quick make and break mechanism protected in a metallic housing. These Power Toggle Switches are highly suitable for out door installation. These Switches are recommended for their quick installation & use in all weather conditions. Installation is by fixing two suitable screws & wiring through a conduit entry size 20 mm.