SCHNEIDER is hailed as one of the world’s best electrical solution providers in the world through its various electrical products and services. And for this esteemed world class company, SETH ELECTRICALS is an authorized dealer and distributor of their various Switchgear products that are designed and manufactured to meet the various electrical problems of clients and help solve their problems. The switchgear of SCHNEIDER are appreciated and used all over the world for their superb quality, high performance rating, durability, safety measures, etc.

Range of Schneider Switchgear products:

  • Industrial plugs and sockets
  • Fuse Switches
  • Circuit Breakers and Switches
  • Motor Starters
  • MV Switch boards and Switchgears
  • Power Suppliers and Transformers
  • Power Monitors
  • Motions and Drives
  • Signally Units
  • PAC, PLC and other Controllers
  • Surge Arresters
  • Boxes, Cables and Interfaces